About us

dictors.com.ua is a voice-over studio where you can choose the announcer you need and order the dubbing of text for your project. A large database of professional announcers is available on our website, which includes a wide variety of female and male voices.

If you need voice acting for a commercial video or audiobook, or you want to order dubbing of a feature film or documentary, voice-over a computer or mobile game, or create an audio clip or audio advertisement, the professional announcers of dictors.com.ua will help you with this.

Our base of announcers gives you unlimited access to many voices collected on one site, among which each client will be able to choose the one that will fully meet his needs.

The main stages of cooperation with the voice-over studio dictors.com.ua

The complete process of voicing the required text by the announcer consists of the following stages:

  • Selecting the desired voice from the announcer base and ordering of the appropriate service by the client on the website.
  • The customer provides a technical task for the announcer, which he will be guided by during the voice-over recording. If necessary, the studio administrator will help you create a correct and understandable technical task.
  • The client makes a full prepayment for the ordered service.
  • The client receives ready-made voice-overs in .WAV and/or .MP3 formats.

What is the cost of the voice-over service

Prices on the website are indicated for 1 minute of timing. They do not depend on the chosen announcer, so you do not have to be distracted by the price tag when choosing the voice that will be perfect for your project.

The final price is calculated taking into account the duration of the voice-over. The minimum timing step for voice-over is 1 minute.

Additional services of the announcers base dictors.com.ua

In our announcer database, you can order not only voice-over but also post-processing. In particular, you can order:

  • Basic sound engineering.
    Post-processing of the announcer’s voice, removal of poor quality doubles, and professional editing of the recording.
  • Creative sound engineering.
    It includes basic sound engineering as well as the use of licensed music and sound design. Mixing and mastering.

Post-processing is performed by professional sound engineers and sound designers with experience in the gaming, advertising, and film industries.

So choose the announcer you like and get a high-quality voice-over from dictors.com.ua.